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Building Survey (L3)

Sometimes known as a 'Structural Survey', this survey is advisable for older, larger, extended, higher value properties which are more likely to present structure and fabric defects.

Given the purchase of your new home is likely to be the most expensive investment you are going to make, it is considered crucial you seek a professional survey to help understand and consider the condition of your new home and the likely costs to repair and maintain it. We will help you understand this up front, so you can be confident about your purchase. 

Ideally suited to larger, more complex, older, extended or higher value homes. This is a more detailed inspection and survey report than the HomeBuyer / Condition Survey. It may be suitable for some Listed Buildings, but not all, we will advise you in your best interests.

  • All the benefits of the Home Buyer/Condition Survey, plus...

  • More comprehensive descriptions of the construction and defects.

  • Explanations of how to go about rectifying defects.

  • Consequences of not carrying out repairs.

  • Understanding potential defects that could be present.

Dry Rot or Wet Rot Cornwall

'Hi Jason,

That’s fantastic, thank you for such a detailed report.'

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