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Buy to Let Survey 

Buy to Let Survey Cornwall
  • All the benefits of the Home Condition Survey, plus...

  • Consideration  of health and safety matters that are likely to have an impact on  tenants occupying the property - as  identified in HHSRS*.

  • Separate DASH - Decent & Safe Homes hazard review

  • Lets your tenants know you care.

        *Does not include a full assessment of hazard scores as defined by HHSRS

           (see our separate HHSRS Assessment).

Owning a rental portfolio brings with it the necessity to protect both your tenant's and your pockets. That's where your Buy to Let Survey comes into it's own. Produced by a professionally qualified RPSA Surveyor, your Survey will help you make an informed decision about your buy to let investment. It will seek to give you the answers you need. A Buy to Let Survey is delivered promptly, and at an affordable rate.

Your Buy To Let Survey is ONLY available from RPSA members. The only survey of its type, designed for a traditional property that is, or will be, let to tenants. A unique product that helps landlords protect their investment while safeguarding the safety of the home for tenants. And with our expertise in the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS), we 've got you and your tenants covered.

Buy to Let Survey Cornwall
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