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Listed Building Survey 

Kingsand, Cornwall, England

We undertake surveys and inspections of the many, varied Listed buildings that fall outside of the scope for Building Surveys. There are a number of variables to consider for such surveys which include, but are not limited to:

  • Listing detail - what you can and cannot do, what you must do, cost implications.

  • Conservation Areas - implications for extensions, alterations, tree removal?

  • Maintenance implications - advice about specialist structure & fabric repairs, costs and more.

  • Our Surveys draw on experience, knowledge and SPAB guidance to guide you through the implications.

Moving to your new, Listed, Cornish or West Devon home will be great, you can't wait! The cream on top of the jam will be the fact you know all about how it's built, how to look after it, and the rules about what you can and can't do to it. Your property and your actions need protection.

A Listed Building Survey from will help you consider those older construction techniques, how to repair your property, what appropriate materials you will use, what the legal position may be regarding what you can do; and more. The testimonial below is for a £1M + Grade 2 Listed building Survey we provided in May 2023. It required two separate visits to the property to confirm matters, and it was not too much trouble to do so.

Overlooking the fishermans net loft at the entrance to Polerro Harbour Cornwall England UK

'We are in process to buy a property and as such wanted to get a survey done before buying. It was our good luck to come across Jason Shaw. We are currently based 4 hour plus from the property we are interested in purchasing and needed someone reliable to take on the survey for us. Jason came recommended and we did not hesitate to get in touch with him. 


He was absolutely brilliant. He listened and understood our needs and accordingly suggested the correct survey for us to get done and then carried it out within the time we had and provided us with a detailed report on the interior as well as exterior. 


It can be a bit tough and boring to go through reports but Jason’s report was very easy to understand and he highlighted the issues as per their importance making it easier for us to prioritise our requirements and funds. In the past I have got surveys done on properties in other places including London, but the level of details that Jason provided was far superior and most helpful. Jason then followed up on the report by putting in a call and discussing each point, so there was no misunderstandings. His policy that he is always available to help with any property he has surveyed ( a key requirement for us not knowing any locals yet ) is much appreciated. 


It was absolutely a delightful experience working with Jason. Can’t recommend him enough.'  Mrs. S, London.

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