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Spray Foam Insulation Cornwall

Do the negatives outweigh the positives?

The hot topic of insulation for our homes has never been so fervent as it is now. Protestors gluing themselves to roads to raise the issue, and industry leaders arguing about the rights and wrongs of certain types. Spray foam insulation for roofs is one such area of focus.

On Radio 4's 'Money Box' programme, 26.11.2022; presenter Paul Lewis invited commentary from guest speakers over this issue. When asked what homeowners who are considering spray foam insulation should do the Chief Executive of Mortgage Intermediaries - Robert Sinclair answered, he would "urge probably extreme caution in adopting this type of solution because of the downside risk of a lender not wanting to lend against that property in the future." He added, "Surveyors are often producing a Valuation of zero".

On the other hand, Simon Storer, the Chief Executive of the Insulation Manufacturers Association reminds the listener that installers are accredited and trained to install the product and, as such, they undertake roof condition, moisture and ventilation checks as part of the initial inspection. Simon adds Surveyors need to ask for verification details of installations to demonstrate sufficiency, as opposed to simply writing off the property. Simon says there is a new protocol due to be published in 2023 relating to this industry, and adds, he thinks those considering spray foam insulation should wait for the protocol as opposed to simply removing the insulation.

The BBC's morning programme - 'Rip Off Britain', also discussed this issue in October 2022. Chairman of the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA), Alan Milstein, surveyed a spray foam insulation in the roof of a Grade 11 listed property, and noted how it was wholly inappropriate; adding that the whole roof probably required removal in order to rectify the issue. The property owner called the installation 'vandalism'. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) commented that a blanket ban on the installation of spray foam insulation is not the answer, but adds the use of an 'independent expert' to advise upon suitability would be prudent.

At, we are full members of the RPSA, and our services include both house surveys and spray foam removal. When undertaking Building Surveys we are required to consider the condition of the structure and fabric, and any negative impacts upon the same. If we cannot verify the suitability of a spray foam installation, or if we identify moisture / decay concerns; then we must, logically, record these findings and 'rate' the element accordingly.

If you are a homeowner who is considering the removal of spray foam insulation, we will outline the various factors which contribute to the process and agree the way forward with you.

Ultimately, it may be wise to await the expected protocol on spray foam insulation and to check with your lender, or potential lender; for any comments they may have on how the presence of spray foam insulation will affect your borrowing potential.


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