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When is a Snag not a Snag?

That is the question. are often asked to undertake snagging surveys on new build properties. Our Snagging Surveys are undertaken in accordance with leading industry standards, as set out by the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA). But what exactly is a 'snag'?

The New Homes Quality Board outline a snag as:

'A minor imperfection or malfunction in the Complete New Home that does not meet recognised industry standards, finishings and tolerances. Snags are typically something which is damaged, broken, not fitted properly or looks unfinished and can be categorised as:

(a) Omitted or incomplete work

(b) Faulty or defective work

Snags are usually identified when works have been completed during an inspection prior to Completion by the homebuyer and/or their representative. They may also be identified post Completion.'

On that basis then, do you think the following a 'snag'?

Of course, the finishing detail on the joint of this particular banister is clearly poor, and the user may very well feel the sharp edges of the unfinished detail; hence it is fairly easily recognisable as a snag. However....

When considering snags the astute Surveyor must also be aware of other issues, where they 'reasonably' present themselves as it were. On this example snagging survey, it was reasonably obvious the guarding serving the stairwell did not appear to comply with Park K of the Building Regulations. Upon further inspection, it was evident all floors of the communal stairwell are served by the same detail. Without going into too much detail here, it is suffice to say the Surveyor advised the Client that beyond the originally commissioned Snagging Survey, there were obvious 'Patent Defects' at the property.

Patent Defects and Latent Defects are another area of investigation in their own right. Whilst there will inevitably be some overlap between 'snags' and 'patent defects', at we work hard to present all of the required information to the Client, in the most appropriate format.

And where the detail is inherently dangerous, and clearly beyond the 'finishing' datum for snags, we raise the issues in order the Client may be best served by our Surveys.


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