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To Buy a New or Older Home?

At we offer surveys for a range of property types, be they older or brand new homes. Our surveys will give you the confidence to make the right decision for you. But how does confidence in the homes market actually look out there today?

A CIOB inquiry found that most adults prefer old homes to new builds (in Construction Management, Jan 2024).

The research shows the majority prefer the older homes because they think they are generally built better, with many suggesting new built homes are of poor quality. And this study only goes to demonstrate the importance of a Level 2 or Level 3 Building Survey, or a New Build Snagging Survey. Be it an older or new home, a good survey will pick up on the important structure and or fabric and or finish details you need to know about, in order to build your level of trust for that property.

Clearly, new build homes will generally be more thermally efficient than older properties, as they have been constructed under ever demanding energy requirements however, you may prefer the circa 500mm - 600mm thick stone walls in your new home, which an older property might give you. Similarly, the word 'character' is thrown around a lot in older properties, and much less so with new builds. The vast array of properties for sale throughout Devon and Cornwall includes a whole variety of older and new homes.

You can trust to provide you with a thorough survey, please take a look at our range of survey options.

We will simply tell you what we see, or don't see for that matter. When you have the facts, you can then decide the extent to which you trust the property as it were, be it a new or older property, and how you can make that property your home.


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