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New Build Project Management - that's just watching the Builders isn't it?

Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Grafters, Brush Strokes, Getting the Builders In, Cowboy Builders...the list goes on; and I bet you've watched a lot of them! Of course, the various shows on T.V., and the word of mouth stories which go around; demonstrate the good, the bad and the ugly within the construction game. But surely if the Builder sounds good, and tells a good story, and has a nice van; all will go well..................?

Not quite. Perhaps one of the most crucial points to bring to the fore here is that anyone can set up as a Builder in the U'K', and anyone can offer to project manage new builds. Whilst it is accepted that all new buildings must meet specific building regulations, the non-certification of 'Builders' leaves a void where unscrupulous 'Builders' go to play. Further, if an incompetent person manages those 'Builders', then it logically follows that the end result may not quite be as it ought to be. However, the good news is there is such a position as a 'Chartered Construction Manager'.

A Chartered Construction Manager is a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), and will take responsibility for many areas of the new build process. These are likely to include budget management, progress, managing health & safety including CDM 2015 input, coordination of roles, quality control, dealing with problems such as ground conditions, negotiating with client, contractors, neighbours and statutory bodies, managing staff on site; and so much more.

A Chartered Construction Manager would advise the client to ensure an appropriate, formal building contract exists between the parties. A well written building contract between Builder and Client will clearly explain how the various processes will be managed. For example, provisions for progress, workmanship, payment, faults, insurance, dispute resolution, and more will be included in a good building contract. This will afford all parties a clear point of reference to establish what is, and is not, agreed; and will thus serve to manage expectations. A good building contract can also weed out those 'Builders' who prefer not to work to agreed standards and provisions.

Likewise, a formal contract between Chartered Construction Manager and Client is important for the same reasons as the Builder / Client contract. Again, this would help discriminate between Chartered Construction Managers and those who simply want to watch the builders!

Our Director is a 3 x self-builder, and has drawn up and managed building works for many clients. As a Chartered Construction Manager, our Director / HomePrep will draw up a suitable and sufficient contract between you and us. It will be clear and accessible in presentation and legibility. It will be designed to meet both our respective obligations and expectations. We will include a provision for watching the Builders - but not all the time!

And don't forget, we can provide Professional Consultant Certificates aswell. These are usually required by mortgage lenders, and afford a 6 year period of cover. If you instruct HomePrep to manage your new build project, and provide the Professional Consultant Certificate; you can be reassured of total peace of mind.


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